Abstract Lease with Ease

Rely on our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to extract Critical information from your Lease documents so that you stay focused on Decision Making and not Abstraction!

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How it works

A simple three-step process

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Upload Lease

Upload a lease agreement or entire folder from your computer or integrate it with GDrive or DropBox

Process & Extract

Let the AI brain process your document and extract the critical information

Review & Export

Edit & review the extracted doc, export the report in Word / Excel / PDF / Yardi ETL or upload it to GDrive or DropBox

Who are our customers

Real Estate Companies

If you are directly or indirectly involved with Lease Abstraction for your organization and want to save time and efforts, this software is for you!

Service Providers

If you get a lot of Lease Agreements to process in very little time and have to upload the data in Client’s system as well, this software is for you!

Our Product

Lease Abstraction System

LAS is our flagship software product developed using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology which automates Lease Abstraction task for Real Estate companies, and Legal Attorneys. Now, you can abstract (or prepare summary) a lease agreement in just 5-10 minutes when compared to current timeline of 12-16 hours

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