REThink competition, REInvent innovation, REConnect with customers, and REDesign work.

What are we about?

  • We are a technology startup company which is involved with development of software products.
  • We intend to utilize Technology and Domain experience to solve Customer business problems.
  • We are not limited to development of software as a part of solution but will also help in defining existing processes of Customer, and provide services as well.

What makes us different?

  • Our thought process.
  • Execution and implementation of solutions suggested to Customers makes us different.
  • We intend to provide best solutions which not only meets Customer requirements but also are effective and efficient.
  • Our mission to be Maverick and yet stay relevant.

Our Inspiration

“Mavericks At Work” book by William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre


Sushil Jhamnani - Founder and Chief Maverick

Sushil Jhamnani - Founder and Chief Maverick

With a varied experience in Software Development, Online Marketing, Business Process Management, Project Management, and Business Development over a span of 15 years supported by MBA from NMIMS; SJ plays ‘Jack of All’ role with core competency in Business Process Management and subject matter expert in US Real Estate domain. He plays role of Founder and Chief Mavericks of the organization.